The Mission of The Refuge Foundation is to support, protect and provide for widows, orphans and the fatherless in their distress.

Changing Undesirable Traditions: Traditionally, in the developing world, the widow, fatherless, and orphan are frequently left unprotected, unsupported and un-provided for by the very ones who should be caring for them. The young widow is mostly and often hopelessly trapped in the injustice of being stripped of whatever, if any, belongings or money left behind by the deceased spouse. The perpetrators are generally immediate family members; Meanwhile the rest of the community looks the other way. She is often abandoned or let go if she has no male children. Consequently, thousands are forced into abusive and un-productive re-marriages.

The Refuge Foundation, in partnership with Christian leaders, will seek to restore the hopes and aspirations of thousands of individual victims by providing basic support and protection from such injustice, thus restoring hope, freedom and self-dignity.  In ways such as finding homes and host families, providing food and clothing and making resources available for development and the promotion of overall well being. The results of lives transformed will be an indication that the age long undesirable traditions can indeed be changed.The Refuge Foundation seeks to support, protect and provide for widows, orphans and the fatherless in their distress.

  1. The Refuge Foundation team will identify individual target beneficiaries.
  2. Provide immediate basic support and protection such as shelter, food, clothing and funds.
  3. Empower the individual/group though comprehensive awareness building and educational programs.
  4.  Transform lives by economic empowerment;  to make resources available for development and the promotion of overall wellbeing.

**The Refuge Foundation has its Head Quarters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA with the main focus of operations in Nigeria.