Fellowships and Internships

Internships and Fellowships are designed to give students and post graduates an opportunity to serve with us as we defend widows, orphans and fatherless in their distress.

Fellows must have graduated from an undergraduate university and often require a graduate degree. Field office fellowships are also designed for experienced professionals who have had two to three years in their field of expertise.

The Refuge Foundation requires Interns and Fellows to possess a mature Christian Faith.

Background checks are required.


Can be customized to the individual.


The positions are unpaid. Interns and fellows have been successful in fundraising for the majority of their expenses through their church and individual supporters. Since TRF is a non-profit charitable organization, U.S. tax payers can receive a tax-deductible receipt from TRF when they donate funds to support an TRF fellow or intern.

Fellows and interns are responsible for all costs involved in their assignment. These costs include:

  • Travel and lodging in Phoenix, AZ  for training;
  • Health insurance and required vaccinations;
  • Passport, visa and work permit fees;
  • Travel to overseas assignment;
  • General monthly living expenses while on assignment;
  • Any other general living and entertainment expenses.

An example of monthly expenses are listed below. The costs are for basic expenses only and do not include additional expenses most people incur such as personal travel, phone, internet, toiletries and perhaps apartment furnishings.

Rent                        $500-$600

Utilities                  $20-50

Basic Food            $200-$250

Work Commute   $0-$15

Laundry                 $10-$20

Total                       $730-$935


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